Here at GForce Carpet Cleaning our carpet cleaning process provides a deep-down clean which removes most surface stains, heavy soiling and dirt/grit embedded at the base of your carpets, Dust mites, pet stains and bad odours. Our 7 stage carpet cleaning system consists of  

  1. Thorough vacuum to remove dry soil, grit, dust and pet hair

  2. Pre-treat difficult to remove stains, e.g. tea, red wine, coffee, gum. Pet Urine treatment is available at this stage

  3. Pre-Spray carpet with bespoke cleaning agents - WoolSafe where appropriate - to break down dirt and grease

  4. Agitation with our counter-rotating brushes and if necessary allow sufficient dwell time for agents to work

  5. Fresh Hot Water Rinse with Ashbys 400psi V2 steam mate Enforcer to blast away the dirt and return your carpets to neutral PH, FREE cherry Deodorizer at this point.

  6. Visual inspection for any remaining spots and re-treat where required

  7. Groom carpet and if required use high power air blowers for rapid drying

This process leaves no sticky residue and is 100% child, baby and pet safe. Carpets can be walked on right away and only take an hour to dry.