Mobile valeting



  • Fully Vacuumed inc boot area and underseats

  • Interior plastics cleaned

  • Interior plastics (Dashboard, Door cards) polished

  • Upholstery/seats are treated to our 5 stage deep steam clean and extraction (Option to not have upholstery wet cleaned)

  • Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned

  • Seatbelts, sunvisors & mirrors all cleaned accordingly

  • Glove box vacuumed

  • Interior glass cleaned

  • Ashtray emptied & Deodorized

  • Interior is fully deodorized with prochem cherry deodorizer

Small £45 Medium £55 Large £60

Minibus £80 Time required 2 - 3 hours



  • Jet wash entire vehicle to break up and wash away heavy soiling

  • Treat lower panels with TFR

  • Bugs removed from bumper and mirrors, followed by snow foam treatment

  • Vehicle hand washed using 2 bucket method & dried with soft microfibre towels

  • Door shuts degreased, pressure washed & polished dry.

  • Tyres will be gloss dressed.

  • Exterior plastic trims are restored and conditioned

  • Clean and polish exterior glass

  • Alloy wheels deep cleaned, tyres dressed 

Small £25 Medium £35 Large £40

Minibus £50 time required - 2 hours

For BOTH Interior and Exterior Valeting

prices start from

Small £60 Medium £75 Large £80

without Upholstery being wet cleaned

Small £55 Medium £70 Large £75 Time required 4 - 5 Hours


Vehicle sizes: 

Small – Smart, Picanto, Fiat 500, Citigo, C1, C2, Aygo, Mx5,ignis, i10, Vw Up, A1

Medium  – Astra, Focus, Leon, Golf, A2, A3, A Class, Kia i20,i30,F – Type, Clio, Audi R8, Boxster, 911,GT86

Large  – Bmw 3,4,5,6,7 series, Roll Royce Ghost, Jaguar xf xe, Mercedes C,E,S , Audi A4,A5,A6,A7,A8, Lexus, Porsche Panamera 

Medium 5 seater mpv 4x4 – Q3, Q5, X3, X4,B-Max, Scenic, Picasso, Qashqai, Macan, Merc GLC,E Pace

Large 7 seater mpv 4x4 – Q7,Q8,X5,X6, Range Rover, Discovery, Cayenne, Grand Scenic, Grand Picasso, Zafira tourer, S Max,Kia Sorento, XC90, XC60, Bentley Bentayga,Touareg, Merc GLE

Ultimate Valeting Package

What we do

  • Pre Spray lower paintwork & under wheel arches with citrus degreaser, Agitate then pressure rinse after adequate dwell time

  • Engine bay Pre sprayed with citrus degreaser and lightly agitated, pressure rinsed and dressed where applicable

  • Alloy wheels meticulously cleaned with none acidic wheel cleaner

  • Bug removal from front bumper & Mirrors followed by a treatment of snow foam, left to dwell then pressure rinsed

  • Vehicle is hand washed using the two bucket method.

  • The door shuts & hinges degreased, pressure rinsed & polished dry.

  • Tyres cleaned and gloss dressed with carchem tyre dressing

  • Exterior plastic trims are restored and conditioned with carchem trim dressing

  • Paintwork is claybarred and wiped to remove old polish and waxes

  • Exterior Paint is machine polished

  • The exterior is given a coat of ceramic crystal coating wax for 12 month protection

  • exterior glass and mirrors are cleaned and polished

  • Upholstery, carpets, door pockets and boot area are vacuumed

  • Seat runners cleaned, oiled and dressed

  • Foot pedals cleaned and dressed

  • Dashboard, steering column & control panel is cleaned, polished and dressed using Autobright interior dressing

  • Seat belt holders, sun visors and help handles cleaned

  • 5 stage deep steam clean and extraction on all upholstery and carpets (Leather seats are cleaned with leather cleaner then conditioned with prochem leather conditioner to feed and protect them.)

  • Spare wheel compartment cleaned and tyre dressed

  • Full deodorization of interior


This Ulitmate Valeting package takes around 6 - 8 hours to complete.

Small £130   medium £140   Large £150

4x4 £160 Time Required 8 - 24 Hours


Vehicle clay bar & polishing starting at £59

Vehicle clay bar, polishing & ceramic crystal coating wax protection £98

Full single stage polish & GTECHNIQ C2V3 LIQUID CRYSTAL to make your vehicle shine and stay clean for longer from £99

full glass clean and polish with Ceramic coating glass protection starting at £99