The 400psi Enforcer by Ashbys is an incredibly powerful extractor, manufactured in the UK that is capable of running over 200ft of hoses to help clean carpets quickly and to a high standard. A top-of-the-range machine, the Enforcer can be operated directly from a van or brought inside if doors cannot be left open. whilst still giving exceptionally fast cleaning and drying times.

Fitted with a powerful cleaning pump, this extractor is ideal for cleaning carpets and hard floors as fewer passes of the wand are required, with the pressure of the water doing all the work. Not only does it deep clean in half the time of a standard twin vac machine, it dries quicker too. A strong vacuum motor system allows the wand to be moved quickly across the surface, extracting dirt and moisture more efficiently and with fewer passes - even when over 200ft away.

One of the best direct-from-van cleaning solutions available on the market, the Enforcer has so much power that it can easily cope with long hose runs. 

Your carpets will look new, feel new and smell new. 


Hydro-Force Injection Sprayer

Allows us to deliver hot cleaning solution under the correct pressure at the correct ratio with even coverage without over wetting your carpets.


Sebo Duo 3000G Pre-treatment Agitator / Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine

What we use it for

Get the best results by agitating in pre-treatments on carpet and rugs. Excellent for rejuvenating flattened carpet pile. Dual contra-rotating cylindrical brushes provide effective, thorough and effortless agitation of pre-spray and even dry granule carpet cleaning compound. Brushes spin at 400 RPM, which in our opinion is the perfect speed. Remember this item next time you struggle with heavy soilage.

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