Carpet Cleaning 

inc Baby Homecoming

& End of Tenancy

Upholstery Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery Protection



Professional 7 stage carpet cleaning, PH Test, Dry dust extraction, spot & Stain treatment, pre-spray, agitation, PRESSURIZED STEAM EXTRACTION, Groom carpet and if required use high power air blowers for rapid drying. Some companies will only hot water extract,  calling it a deep clean, whether its a hotel or a two bedroom house our 7 stage deep clean is standard.


Professional upholstery cleaning, and stain removal, from your favorite wingback to your modern corner sofa, restaurant or family dining chairs, your upholstery is in safe hands. we use eco-friendly cleaning chemicals combined with our hot water extraction cleaning method and the Enforcer 400psi V2 Steam mate cleaning machine will leave your fabrics smelling and looking like new.  

Mattresses / Cots


House, Hotel or nursing home we STEAM CLEAN mattresses and cots, People will sleep on average, 7 hours every night, over a year that's nearly 2635 hours a year in bed, By removing the bacteria hidden within the mattresses in your home, you will be combating health problems for your loved ones and guests, including asthma, snoring,eczema and other allergies.

we use hypoallergenic, eco-friendly cleaning products. We provide a full sanitising treatment killing bacteria, viruses and spores, and Bed Bugs


We offer carpet & upholstery protection after cleaning, that will protect your fabrics from those unforeseen accidents.

"Just wipe away"

our Stain Guard is a high solids water based fluorocarbon for spray application to new or freshly cleaned carpets, rugs and upholstery. Stain Guard will not affect rubber or bitumen back bonded carpets or flocked upholstery. Contains added stain blocker and built in anti-static.

Stain Removal


If we can't get your stain out I doubt anybody can. Whilst most stains can be removed with relative ease, some require the technical skill and advanced cleaning solutions that only expert stain removers can provide. Red wine, Blood, Vomit, Chewing gum, Childrens play slime, pet urine you name it we will treat it. 


Using UV lights to pin point affected areas, our deep penetrating chemical compound destroys PET URINE stains and odours. 


All our services are available in all areas that we operate including York, Selby, Boroughbridge & Thirsk. Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services include: Homes, Caravans, motor homes & Canal boats/pleasure boats

Commercial properties inc hotels, restaurants public houses, care homes, doctors surgeries & schools

Larger Commercial, Bingo halls & convention centres.

An end of tenancy cleaning service is often deemed essential, as it brings your property to its original standards. If your anticipating a move in the near future, were more than happy to help with the cleaning process. We serve clients throughout North Yorkshire, providing a comprehensive cleaning service that results in a stress-free moving experience, whether you're leaving the property yourself, or waiting for a new tenant to arrive


Moving home is always stressful. Changing address, scheduling transportation, and moving your utilities and services takes time and work. On top of this you must make sure your property is clean, either to receive your deposit from the letting agent or to ensure that your house can sell. We remove the burden of pre/post-moving cleaning from your to to-do list. Our GForce cleaning team make sure that your new home - or the one that you're leaving behind - looks spotless and sparkling. 

Caravan & Static home cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning

  • Upholstery cleaning

  • Full interior cleans – including fixtures & fittings

  • Exterior washes

  • Patio & veranda jet-washing

  • Gutter cleaning/unblocking

Jet Washing

Driveway and patio cleaning at an affordable price.

we also apply our Jet washing services to mobile homes and caravans.

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