Cleaning the Upholstery in your home and business is one of the most important but often overlooked aspects when it comes to keeping the house or workspace clean and safe!

          It is important to understand that regular professional cleaning

          will extend the life of your Upholstery

          Improve the look and feel

          Contribute to a healthy environment

          Completely remove dirt & bacteria

          Eliminate most stains

          Help with Asthma, Eczema & other dust allergies

          Eliminate dust mites

          Eliminate bad odours {sour milk, vomit, food etc)

          Pet & Baby safe

          Free deodorisation & neutralisation

Professional Upholstery cleaning will maintain the fibres and condition. It will actually help reduce wear by removing foreign soils from the upholstery fibers, which in turn saves more money than not cleaning them at all, or renting a DIY machine!

Aswell as upholstery cleaning, we also offer a stain guard treatment that will protect your expensive sofas and chairs from spills & accidents until you next have your upholstery professionally cleaned.